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1 January 2014 - 11:54:48

Welcome to This site is owned and managed by Louise Joly, with technical help from Gordon Joly.

Which part of the tree are you looking for? If you click on the Home page link you will find links to the Joly, Baker and Hadkinson Family Tree and the Barlow Family Tree. The Bouck-Standen tree is the default tree when you first enter this site. Alternatively use the search facility to find yourself or a relative.

But, why is this tree here? Where did it all start for me? We all have our own reasons for getting interested in genealogy. Here are some of mine. My first experience of a family tree was that of the Barlows of Barlow Hall which hung on the wall in the hall at The Shaws, Lingfield, Surrey. My brother Mike is now in possession of this tree which was commissioned by my great grandfather John Augustus Bouck in the 1920s. I was always impressed by the historical notes on the tree which included those relating to Father Ambrose Barlow, who was canonised in 1970. When I was young, Mum and Dad used to talk about the past, but as many of the names were very similar I was always very confused about who was who. Putting the tree together has helped me to unravel this memory of names and if you go the the pedigree chart on the Bouck-Standen and Harries part of the site, you can see that not only do we have names of my great grandparents, we also have their photographs! Lots of our ancestors have had an interest in our heritage, and as you can see below, several generations have written it down and passed it on. All I have done is to put it all together so that it is not lost, and also so that you can add and amend your own history.

Part of my father's research in the 1990s resulted in finding out that his great uncle Gilbert Standen had left a box of papers with the Sussex Archeological Society that had remained there for 50 years. The papers revealed that Gilbert had an interest in recording the family tree and our knowledge was increased from his work which was carried out in approximately the 1920s. Information gathered from these papers led myself and my brother Mike to take a trip to Shetland in 1998 in an attempt to find out more about Edward Standen, who we found had died there.

After my parents and my brother Ian had died, life became different and maybe also as a result of my own illness I developed a passion for finding out more about "What makes us who we are?". During Christmas of 2002 I read "The Virgin Blue" by Tracy Chevalier (Penguin Group, 1997). This novel tells the story of an American woman who traces her Hugenot family history in France and Switzerland. It is a compelling story and inspired me to get going with my idea to also get the Joly and Hadkinson Family Tree on the web, particularly as Gordon's family were French Hugenots from Moudon, Vaud.

My father discovered in his later years that his paternal grandmother Ode Jeanne Marie Angelique Fellemans was from Belgium and in 2003 I had email from Robert Fellemans in Brussels, Belgium as a response to seeing her name on my family photos page on an earlier version of this site. He has spent several years researching the Fellemans Family Tree and supplied me with the Fellemans tree going back to my great great great grandfather born in 1793 who was a foundling. The Fellemans information is also included in this part of the website. So as you can see my reasons for getting the tree together are very varied, but this site would not have been possible for all of the work by the family members and friends who have recorded the family history for almost the last 100 years. Louise Joly (Bouck-Standen) January 1 2014

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